An important announcement from the founders of the Mount Franklin Pagan Gathering

The Mount Franklin Pagan Gathering is currently at risk, due to a recent long string of significant changes in the requests made by Parks Victoria.

Over the last fortnight, the organisers of the MFPG have been informed of the changes in administration surrounding Parks Victoria. These changes occurred as far back as July this year, however we have only just been notified of these changes and what they mean for the future of the Gathering.

These changes impose upon us limitations and requests for documentation that are nothing less than astonishing in number and in time frame. Last year, the Gathering paid for two years’ worth of permits in full, however the requirements have now been changed significantly.

The MFPG is non profit, and is organised by a very small, close-knit group of volunteers with families and full time jobs. It is a free Gathering, relying on volunteer labour leading up to and during the event, and on attendees’ donations to pay for the bare essentials like portaloos. We are concerned that we may simply not be equipped to fulfil these many new expectations within the very limited time frame we have been given to work with.

The Mount Franklin Pagan Gathering has had a solid and positive relationship with Parks Victoria for over thirty-four years. Due to their support over the decades, we are now the oldest Gathering of this kind in the world.

However, the amount of bureaucracy and red tape that we are currently experiencing is simply astonishing. With registrations to the Gathering full since early this year and with people set to travel from overseas to attend this year’s event in October, the timeframe we have been given to work with is even more astonishing.

We ask that attendees past and present please remain patient and considerate while we deal with this matter. The Gathering is STILL GOING AHEAD at this stage!

Linda and Michel Marold
Mount Franklin Pagan Gathering, inc.

Note: While we are not immediately in need of them, we would be very grateful to hear from any Pagan-friendly legal types who may be able to advise us. Linda and Michel can be reached at

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