See you on the Mount!

Happy Beltane from all of us at the MFPG! We are so, so excited about heading up to the Mountain to celebrate Beltane for the 34th year in a row. 🙂

Here are some final things to keep in mind as you make your way to the Mountain this weekend:

Be prepared! A comprehensive list of what you should bring (and not bring) to the Gathering this year can be found here. Attendees should also familiarise themselves with the information on our Camping at the Mount, FAQ and Ritual Etiquette pages.

Come and say hello when you arrive. Sign the visitors book and registered guests can have their name marked off our register.

Workshops. Due to some late cancellations, we have spaces available for anyone wanting to run a workshop. See the Organisers for more information.

Schedule. The final schedule for 2015 can be found here.

Drive carefully and park sensibly. There are already families camping on the Mount. Please drive at walking pace only and watch for pedestrians and pets. When parking or setting up camps, please ensure you are as far back from the road as possible and do not spread out unnecessarily. Please do not camp in the centre crater (fenced off) area! If you are unsure where you should set up camp, please ask an Organiser.

Official Welcome. The official opening of the 2015 Gathering will take place around 5pm on the Friday evening.  This will include a welcome to country, housekeeping/safety information and the introduction of our very special guest.

See you on the Mountain! 🙂

Punch keeps the ritualists entertained, 2011.

Punch keeps the ritualists entertained, 2011.

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