2017 AGM Minutes

Mount Franklin Pagan Gathering inc.

Annual General Meeting


Date: 25th March 2017

Venue: The Farmers Arms Hotel, Creswick

Attendees: Linda, Michel, Josie, Ryan, Mark P, Mark H, Sarah, Alex

Apologies: Ben, Seumas

Absent: Des, Mel, Tania

  1. Chairperson. Josie was unanimously elected to chair this meeting.
  2. Minute Taker. Mark H was authorised to be the minute taker.
  3. Apologies. Apologies from Ben and Seumas were presented and accepted.
  4. Proxies. Linda was authorised as proxy vote for Ben. Sarah was authorised as proxy for Seumas.
  5. Minutes of Previous Meeting. Minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted. MOVED: Linda SECONDED: Josie
  6. Annual Report. The annual report was tabled and accepted.
    MOVED: Josie SECONDED: Michel
  7. Election of Committee. All positions were dissolved. A new committee was elected as follows:
    President: Michel (NOMINATED BY: Linda SECONDED: Josie)
    Vice President: Linda (NOMINATED BY: Ryan SECONDED: Michel)
    Secretary: Josie (NOMINATED BY: Linda SECONDED: Ryan)
    Treasurer: Ryan (NOMINATED BY: Josie SECONDED: Michel)
    General committee: Ben (NOMINATED BY: Linda SECONDED: Michel)
    General committee: Mark H (NOMINATED BY: Josie SECONDED: Linda)
    General committee: Sarah (NOMINATED BY: Josie SECONDED: Ryan)
    General committee: Seumas (NOMINATED BY: Sarah SECONDED: Josie)
    Associate member: Alex (NOMINATED BY: Linda SECONDED: Josie)
    Associate member: Mark P (NOMINATED BY: Linda SECONDED: Ryan)
  8. Other Business: Acknowledgement of former members’ contribution to the Gathering.
    The MFPG committee would like to thank and acknowledge Des, Mel and other previous committee members for their hard work and time put in over many years. This work has ensured the Gathering has run smoothly and will do so for years to come.
    MOVED: Josie SECONDED: Linda

Meeting closed: 5.25pm

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