2017 Gathering: Thank you!

The 2017 Mount Franklin Pagan Gathering has drawn to a close. This year’s event was very well attended, and the atmosphere was welcoming and laid-back. We were thrilled to hear so many people remark on the weekend feeling more like “the old days”, with a great feeling of community and fellowship right across the crater.

This year’s event could not have taken place without the support of many, many people, and we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support during our thirty-sixth annual event:

To Parks Victoria and S.H.A.R.E. (Sustainable Hepburn Association) for their continued support of our Gathering, which is now among the longest-running Pagan events in the world.

To Sarah and the wonderful folk of the Monthly Hills Pagan Coffee Meets for their beautiful ritual, and the forty-three million other marvelous things you provided for the community this weekend.

To Marilyne Nicholls and the Dja Dja Wurrung people for the welcome to country and smoking ceremony. This ceremony meant a lot to everyone in attendance, and was an integral part of this year’s Gathering.

To all of our generous raffle donors (who we will be listing a separate post soon). With your kind contributions, we were able to raise enough money to cover essentials like our portaloos and permit, and keep the Gathering free for all. Thank you so much!

To Seumas for all his hard work building our fancy new children’s maypole.

To Mark, Alex, Sarah and Seumas for the thousand things you did to help keep things running smoothly.

To Kylie for once again being our official photographer, on top of being official first aider!

To Peter for running a beautiful and welcoming bardic circle on the Friday night, and for his wonderful roast pork.

To Tim and Hayley of the Australian Stage Company for another cracking mummers’ play.

To Shaz, Callum and the druids for their assistance with crucial toilet placement. 😉

To all our workshop presenters Craig, Bret and Linda.

To everyone who contributed to our Welcome to Paganism panel: Linda, Shaz, Dean, Kathy, Philippe, Fran, Alex, Ryan and the folk of Raven Hearth.

To Alex, for running the children’s maypole dance with your usual enthusiasm and kindness.

To anyone who purchased a raffle ticket, bag or tshirt.

To anyone else who offered to help out in any way over the weekend. Your help was so appreciated, and apologies if we seemed too crazy busy to thank you properly at the time.

And finally thanks to everyone who attended over the weekend, whether it was camping or dropping in for a couple of hours.

This event is your event, and the vibrancy, energy, fellowship and community spirit you brought made for the biggest and brightest gathering we’ve had in years. We’ve come away utterly spent but in the best of ways. We’ve never been prouder to be a part of the Australian Pagan community.

Happy Beltane. Goodnight to all and to all a good night!

All our love,
The Organisers.

IMG_0014 2017 KM

Smoking ceremony and welcome to country conducted by Marilyne Nicholls of the Dja Dja Wurrung people at the 2017 Gathering. Photo by Kylie Moroney Photography.

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