Camping at the Mount

This is where you can find out information about camping at the Mountain during the weekend of the Gathering. For information about what to expect over the weekend, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions or Current Event pages.

The Gathering itself is camping only. There is accommodation nearby should you wish to take this option (Daylesford/Guildford/Castlemaine).

What to bring:

  • Food and water for the weekend (the nearest supermarket is in Daylesford, about a 15 minute drive away, if you forget anything!) Remember you will need water for washing and cooking, as well as drinking.
  • Warm clothes and bedding. We also suggest beanies, gloves, thermals and a few extra pairs of thick socks!)
  • Toilet paper
  • Firewood. See note below regarding fires and firewood.
  • A tent and camping/cooking/eating gear. Caravans/campervans with noisy generators are discouraged.
  • A camping chair.
  • Acoustic musical instruments are very welcome! Drumming is discouraged after 10pm as we are a family-friendly event.
  • A string (or two) of solar lights to help light up the crater at night. This makes the area much easier for all to navigate in the dark!

What NOT to bring:

  • Edged weapons such as swords, knives, spears and athames. These are not permitted under Victorian law.
  • Electronic musical instruments and amplifiers, including portable music players and speakers. These are not in the spirit of the weekend and cause lots of noise pollution across the crater.

Food and Drink

You need to provide your own meals and drinks, including potable water. There are longdrop toilets available on site, and the MFPG provides portaloos for campers only. Please consider buying raffle tickets or buying a sausage to help us cover the cost of these luxuries!


Be prepared for ALL weather types. Central Victoria is incredibly unpredictable at Beltane: freezing nights/warm days/pelting rain/cold days.

*Note for the 2016 Gathering: We have had lots of wet weather in the weeks prior to MFPG weekend. It is likely this year’s Gathering will be a wet one, so please bring wet weather gear/umbrellas just in case!

Fires and Firewood

As part of our permit from Parks Victoria, all fires must be in the designated fireplaces around the crater. We will have a small number of portable fireplaces to borrow for the weekend.

Firewood is strictly BYO. It is illegal to cut or remove wood from the crater reserve.

You can purchase firewood from a property at the foot of Mt. Franklin, just on the Castlemaine side. There is a large sign advertising firewood for sale and if you cannot bring your own that would be the first place to look.

Please exercise good fire safety at all times and never leave a burning fire unattended.

Toilet Paper

Bringing your own toilet paper is highly recommended. Parks Victoria keep the long-drop toilet blocks supplied but that is not sufficient for our Gathering’s needs so please, bring your own! Don’t expect to rely on there being paper provided, please bring your own to avoid being caught short.


You must take what you bring with you. The amount of rubbish we personally clean up and take after each and every year is staggering given our view that we must be responsible for the environment.


Dogs must be on leashes at all time.

"Second Breakfast", circa 2005. Photo courtesy of Kylie Moroney.

“Second Breakfast”, circa 2005. Photo courtesy of Kylie Moroney.

"Deep in Discussion" - Circa 1987

“Deep in Discussion” – Circa 1987