Happy Imbolg-Là Fhèill Brìghde!

My father is a Scotsman, and I grew up with some traditional Scottish celebrations and indeed Scottish fare and drink. This is one of my favourite recipies, which if not carefully consumed will sneak up on you ninja style and lay you out. It can be quite sweet, so consumption in small drams is recommended. It is assumed however that as the clebration wears on these drams will grow to interesting expansions in volume! We made it about a week before the Scottish celebration of Hogmanay-the celebration of the last day of the year. In my later years becoming involved in Witchcraft I adapted this to feature at times as part of Imbolc respecting the history of agrarian people recognising the onset of lactation in ewes and the coming of the spring lambs. As I fumbled through my various recipies to put on here I happened to glance out from my window and see my blackthorn tree beginning the first sprigs of blossom. Spring, is on her way……

Now with Brose you may most certainly drink it immediately, however it is always much much nicer, rounder and fuller in my opinion if left for at least week. Remember!! Sterilise your bottles-this is easily done-wash thoroughly in hot detergent and scrub and rinse well. Running them through a dishwasher is also ok-then pop into a relatively warm oven to dry and sterilise. Use screwcaps that are metal or clean sterile cap locks. This makes roughly about 1.5 litres-up to you how you divide it amongst bottles.

Atholl BroseIngredients
One bottle of Scotch whisky (750ml)
300mls of double cream -or cream if you feel like sparing your arteries at least a little 😛
450g of clear  honey -I far prefer organic but any good quality honey from local producers
The whites of six large eggs – again please organic and locally produced if possible
One very generous handful of fine ground oatmeal

1. Soak the oatmeal with the Scotch whisky and set aside.

2. Beat the egg whites until they become stiff.

3. Fold the cream into the egg white mixture.

4. Add the honey.

5. Blend in the whisky and oatmeal mixture at a slow but steady pace.

6. Pour the liquid into some bottles and set aside for one week. Shake each bottle of Atholl Brose each day.

7. Date your bottles!!! Count off the days on your Calendar and look forward to enjoying immensely!!! The unctuous honeyed, fermented milky oats…….ohhhhhh….:)))))


"When shall we three meet again?", 2012.

“When shall we three meet again?”, 2012.

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