1996 Gathering

Our friend Mandy H has passed on this groovy snippet of history!

Mandy writes:

I have found this article I did ages ago and would love to share with you all.
It was for a pagan magazine called ‘The Directory of Who, what, where & how’.
It was run by two girls from Melbourne in the southern suburbs ( one was called ‘Lesley’ and I have forgotten the others name) it was a small magazine they were publishing out of there home and they asked me to do a write up about ‘ Mt Franklin pagan gathering’ so I did!
Its only a brief write up but I tried to give it some ‘feel’ as to what my experience was, as it is and will always be, a very special place in my heart and in my life.
I cannot remember the year though… I think it was mid – late 90’s really not sure, but anyway I found it and would love to pass it on as I have kept it all these years and would love it to be kept as well.
– Mandy
Mandy's article 1996
mandy's article 1996 (2)