Happy Beltane!


Our thirty-fifth Beltane weekend on the Mount has come to a close. Thank you to everybody who braved the cold and wet weather to come and celebrate with us. It was just excellent to see so many new faces in amongst our old friends.

We will have a detailed run-down of the weekend in the coming week or so, but for now we wanted to thank all those lovely people and organisations who made this event possible. Thank you so much for all of your support, enthusiasm and generosity throughout the weekend:

  • To the Sustainable Hepburn Association (SHARE), for their ongoing support of the Gathering, and for the huge amount of work they put in behind-the-scenes in the lead up to the event each year.
  • To Nickole, River, Fiona, Lisa and everyone else from the Melbourne Reclaiming Community, for hosting the beautiful Beltane rite on Saturday evening. Thank you for making everyone feel so welcome and included in what was many people’s first Reclaiming ritual.
  • To KC Guy, who travelled all the way from South Australia to play his beautiful music at the Mount.
  • To Shaz, Callum, Ang, Dean, Rick and all the other good folk of Silver Birch Grove ADF, for the thousand and one things you did to help throughout the weekend, and also for helping us cover the cost of the portaloos this year! We are just blown away by your kindness and generosity.
  • To all our brilliant and incredibly generous 2016 raffle donors. Thank you so much for your donations! Because of you, this year was our biggest raffle yet, helping cover costs and keep the Gathering free, as it should be!
  • To our wonderful workshop facilitators: Daniel, Anne, Ryan and Peter; for providing entertaining and engaging workshops on such a wide variety of topics!
  • To Kylie, Mark, Sarah, Seumas, Alvin, Lee, Alex, Curtis, Will, Peter, Julie, Conner and David for helping out with the dozens of big and little tasks at the Organisers’ camp all weekend, from selling raffle tickets to rigging our beautiful maypole.
  • To Kylie Moroney Photography, for once again taking beautiful photos of the Gathering (the first one is at the top of this post – more to come!).
  • To the Australian Stage Company, for your Saturday night mummers’ play.
  • To Peter, who saved our bacon (well, sausages?) when we experienced multiple technical difficulties with our barbeque.
  • To Sally, for her delicious satay sauce that is now a Beltane tradition for many of us!
  • To Erika Turnbull, for the lovely green man logo we continue to use on our MFPG tshirts.
  • And finally, to anyone and everyone who braved the elements (it turns out none of us were actually soluble in water!) to celebrate Beltane with us on the Mountain. We saw lots of new faces, and even a few faces from interstate. We felt honored to share this festival with all of you, and humbled at the beautiful little community at the Mountain this year. Bring on 2017!

– Linda, Michel, Josie and Ryan
Mount Franklin Organisers



Counting down the days! Housekeeping bits and pieces

Not long to go now until our 35th Annual Event!

As the weekend draws nearer, we’ve put together some information that will help you in your preparations. Please also make yourself familiar with our Schedule, Camping at the Mount, Frequently Asked Questions and Ritual Etiquette pages before you set our for the weekend. 🙂

  1. On arrival, please visit the Organisers’ camp (look for the big MFPG banner) first and sign in.
  2. Please park and camp considerately. With registrations full, we should have a large turnout this year. Please be mindful of this and do not spread your camp out further than it needs to. Cars need to be parked as far back as possible. If you’re not sure where to park/camp, ask one of your friendly Organisers!
  3. Weather in Central Victoria. If you have read our Camping at the Mount page (which you really need to do if you haven’t already!), you’ll know that the weather here in Central Victoria can be unpredictable – we often experience four seasons in one afternoon!
    At the time this post goes live, the BOM forecast for the area is predicting a high chance of rain on Friday, slight chance of rain on the Saturday, and no rain on Sunday. Predicted top temperatures are in the low teens – this year’s Gathering will be a chilly one!
    This means that wet/cold weather gear is a must this year – coats, beanies, warm socks, umbrellas, etc. We are still getting the occasional overnight frost here – night time will be very brisk!
  4. Bring some change! The MFPG is free to attend, and we want to keep it that way. With rising running costs such as portaloos, this means we rely on fundraising activities such as our raffle and sausage sizzle to help us get by.
  5. Bring books to swap! We are having our very first book swap this year. Bring along your Pagan-ish books to exchange at our take a book/leave a book Book Swap, which will run on the Friday and Saturday of the event. Any left over books will become raffle prizes on Sunday.
  6. Bring your witchy wares! Our swap and barter market opens at 5pm on Friday.
  7. Bring a string (or three) of solar lights! We use solar lights to help make the crater safe to navigate at night.
  8. Bring your acoustic musical instrument/s! We are having a bardic circle on the Friday evening facilitated by the lovely KC Guy.
  9. Bring boring but useful  things like rubbish bags – we have a policy of leaving the Mount in a better state than it was before the Gathering. There are no bins on site, so all rubbish will need to be taken with you.

Looking forward to seeing you there!
The Organisers

2016 Registrations Now Full!


IMPORTANT: registrations for camping participants of this year’s event are now closed. Non-registered attendees are still welcome at the Gathering, however they attend at their own risk and will not be covered by our public liability insurance.

For more information about the 2016 Gathering and what to expect, see the FAQ, Camping at the Mount and Current Event pages.

– Linda, Michel, Mel, Des, Josie and Ryan 
Mount Franklin Organisers

2016 Dates Announced, Registrations Open Soon

We are pleased to announce that the 35th annual Mount Franklin Pagan Gathering will be taking place from the 21st to the 23rd of October 2016.

Registrations will open after the Spring Equinox in September.

We have already had lots of interest in this year’s event from MFPG friends old and new. If you are new to the Gathering or to camping at the Mount, the following pages are a must-read!

Frequently Asked Questions
Camping at the Mount
Ritual Etiquette

If you are new to Paganism or to public gatherings, try these:

Pagan Festivals: The Wheel of the Year
A History of Mount Franklin Pagan Gathering
Wicca and Traditional Craft

Exciting times! Keep an eye on this website and our Facebook page for more updates!

– Linda, Michel, Mel, Des, Josie and Ryan
MFPG Organisers

Drum Workshop 2015 KM

Drum’s workshop at the 2015 Gathering. Photo courtesy of Kylie Moroney.

An important update on the 2016 Gathering date…

Greetings! Important news regarding the date of this year’s event!

We were unsuccessful in securing a permit for the weekend of the 28th-30th of October.
At this stage we are awaiting final approval for the weekend of the 21st-23rd October. We are confident that this will go through but must stress at this stage we do not yet have a permit.

The organisers apologise for the inconvenience this process can cause and assure you that as soon as we know the final details, we’ll make them public.

In the meantime, please contact us at mountfranklinpagans@gmail.com if you are able to donate items for our raffle or volunteer your time for a workshop or performance.

Thankyou for your continued love and support of the MFPG – the oldest free neopagan gathering in the world!

– Linda, Michel, Mel, Des, Josie and Ryan
MFPG Organisers


Alvin 2015 KM

Getting comfy, 2015. Photo courtesy of Kylie Moroney.

2016 Ritual Hosts

Greetings one and all, we hope you are all warm & well. As promised, we are enormously pleased to both welcome and announce our ritual hosts for our 35th Annual Beltane Gathering!

This year’s host ritual group are the Melbourne Reclaiming Community. They have been working hard for nearly 10 years Organising WitchCamps and free Public Rituals to build a Reclaiming community here in Victoria.

Reclaiming Tradition honours the Goddess as tangible and accessible through the Wheel of Life,the Cycles of Nature, the Elements and the Body as well as the Spirit.It is ecstatic, evolving,experiential, organic, inspirational and eclectic.

Reclaiming is a non-hierachical, inclusive, environmentally and politically aware tradition that originated around 30 years ago in the San-Francisco Bay Area. (see www.reclaiming.org for a working definition by Starhawk, as well as a host of other resources).

We at MFPG – Michel, Linda, Mel, Des, Josie & Ryan are very excited to see what is promising to be a gathering of communities and like minds set in the beautiful crater of Mount Franklin!


Members of the Melbourne Reclaiming Community at Imbolc 2015. Photo courtesy of the Pagan Collective of Victoria.

Harvest Blessings from the MFPG

As we approach the autumnal equinox, we think we’ve finally recovered from the fun, festivities and fellowship that was the 2015 Gathering!

We have had many queries recently about the date for the 2016 Gathering. It is still a little early to say for sure. We don’t usually announce Gathering dates until almost midway through the year, as we have to liaise with several outside bodies before a date can be set in stone.

Stay tuned for the date announcement later in the year, and in the meantime enjoy the beautiful photos in our gallery of Gatherings past. The 2015 photos were taken  by Kylie Moroney, and they are just gorgeous.

If you ordered a tshirt and have not yet paid, you will need to organise payment ASAP to receive your shirt. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Brightest blessings,

Linda, Michel, Mel, Des, Josie and Ryan

MFPG Organisers.

Bonfire 2015 KM

The bonfire at the 2015 Gathering. Photo courtesy of Kylie Moroney.