2016 Ritual Hosts

Greetings one and all, we hope you are all warm & well. As promised, we are enormously pleased to both welcome and announce our ritual hosts for our 35th Annual Beltane Gathering!

This year’s host ritual group are the Melbourne Reclaiming Community. They have been working hard for nearly 10 years Organising WitchCamps and free Public Rituals to build a Reclaiming community here in Victoria.

Reclaiming Tradition honours the Goddess as tangible and accessible through the Wheel of Life,the Cycles of Nature, the Elements and the Body as well as the Spirit.It is ecstatic, evolving,experiential, organic, inspirational and eclectic.

Reclaiming is a non-hierachical, inclusive, environmentally and politically aware tradition that originated around 30 years ago in the San-Francisco Bay Area. (see www.reclaiming.org for a working definition by Starhawk, as well as a host of other resources).

We at MFPG – Michel, Linda, Mel, Des, Josie & Ryan are very excited to see what is promising to be a gathering of communities and like minds set in the beautiful crater of Mount Franklin!


Members of the Melbourne Reclaiming Community at Imbolc 2015. Photo courtesy of the Pagan Collective of Victoria.

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